This totally brings me out of my comfort zone. I hate the sound of my own voice (as most people do), so it was hard for me to justify putting myself out there like this.

Sunday Rituals

How do you spend your day off? Do you feel guilty about it (because you shouldn’t).


? ? “We cannot love or be loved in halves – Della Hicks Wilson.” ? ? Why is the world so cold? Cold hearted. Negative. Cruel. Corrupt. Filled with sin. Loveless. It’s almost like love doesn’t exist. I don’t see love on tv. I don’t hear love in today’s music lyrics. I don’t see love…


Why I am so prideful.

The Robe

And this is why not knowing (or caring) about the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS differences in the quality, comfort, and pricing of women’s and men’s clothing is just as bad as contributing to it.


Getting your wisdom teeth removed is similar to having a baby. No one is ever fully prepared. After waking up from my nap, as I was not allowed to eat for six hours or so before the procedure, I was absolutely starving. The week before, I was semi-excited for the diet I was going to…