A Brief Introduction

I know what you all are wondering, why the waterspout?

Like most American children, I was taught those usual nursery rhymes. Being the simple, innocent kid I was, I went along with it – giggling, laughing, again, again.

Now that I’m older, and about a thousand times more cynical (with every right to be), these songs disgust me. We have “Rock-a-Bye Baby” about a child falling from a high tree. There’s also “Ring Around the Rosie”, a history lesson in disguise about the plague! That’s just to name a couple.

Not all of them are this awful. I’m not out to attack nursery rhymes. On the contrary, I’m out to prove a point using one of them. Although morbid (and, at times, grotesque), these songs speak the truth about life. Whether children heed the cautions or not, they warn the youth of what to expect when they get older and are no longer in the protection of their parents (and some, unfortunately, even before).

The most unsettling, in my opinion, is the one about the spider and the waterspout. As the most accurate portrayal of what one can expect to endure when growing up, this one speaks to me and my life.

I wonder, what has the spider done to deserve such a fate? After attempting to climb a “ladder” (social? financial?) to some goal, something entirely out of his control comes to throw him back down. The world tells him to stay on the ground with the rest of the spiders, worms, dirt. This isn’t good enough for him. When the sun graces him with its presence again, he sets off to try once more. And so on.

When does the spider give up? When does he decide to be content with his place on the ground? Will it ever be good enough?

There are two types of people in this world. Not Christians and non-Christians, vegetarians and meat-eaters, democrats and republicans. But those who are content with their current situation and those who know there is something more – that with just a little more work it will be achievable.

The spider.


The ground is a perfectly acceptable place to be. But for some of us, we will not stop until we reach the top of our waterspouts. When does the rain sweep us away for good? Will the sun one day decide to not shine its rays on us to dry up the storm?


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  1. I love this! Great name and reason! 🙂


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