Things I Won’t Apologize For

A new year, to me, is normally nothing but an opportunity to get wasted with a bunch of friends and actually have a reason for it. I think of “Happy New Year” and I am forced to think of all the trouble I will have remembering to write and type the date correctly.

I seriously don’t buy into the whole “new year, new me” stuff. Resolutions and diets and habit-breakings should not have to wait for the year to change if it is of any importance. In other words, if you can’t stop smoking now, how do you think you can stop just because the year is now 2017?

When I used to work until midnight, I watched my manager throw away her half-finished Mountain Dew bottle when the ball dropped. Not a week later, she waltzed into work with a can of the same stuff. It just doesn’t work…for that long anyway.

Because that’s really all that happened. The year changed. And time is just something we made up to tell when food is ready and for calculating how long you have slaved at your job one particular day. Time is not real. In the scope of the universe, time does not exist.

But I digress.

One thing I do want to make happen this year is to start getting active. That is the only resolution I have ever made in my life, and that came about after realizing that diabetes and heart issues run in my family and that I should really stop playing with fire. With sitting down at work all day and sweating not being my favorite pastime, I am going down a road that is hard to come back from.

It just so happens that this realization came around the Holidays. And who can make a change like that when there is Thanksgiving dinner, and Birthday cake, and Christmas supper?  But I am definitely not fooled that the “new year” is going to make this any easier.

But I digress, again.

Because I want to focus on the things about me that I do not want to change. I saw this #ThingsIWontApologizeFor thing on the Twitter (I clearly don’t have the Twitter) and was inspired to share some of the things I won’t apologize for.

My hair getting frizzy. My face. My eyebrows.

I have curly hair. I don’t “contour” (just another word for putting on a mask so no one can see what you really look like and making it harder for natural women to be seen as beautiful). And I don’t get my eyebrows waxed so they can be “on fleek”. You’re lucky I put color on my lips and shave my legs. I just refuse to take longer than thirty minutes to get ready and I refuse to become a slave to these unnecessary beauty regimens.

I don’t apologize for my thoughts and opinions.

The 2016 Presidential Election brought out the worst in people (not the best, no one’s “best” was brought out), including me. I am ashamed to admit I was one of the many posting my opinions on the Facebook. And, of course, people got heated and posted their inconsequential responses, trying to bash me and embarrass me for having my own thoughts and opinions. I swear, I feel like America forgot it was America during that whole fiasco.

Anyway, I don’t apologize for what I think and feel. Neither should you. But if you haven’t seen or talked to me since High School and you have nothing better to do than to troll me, then I will just assume that I have been doing better in life.

I need to digress AGAIN!

My clothes.

My style is mine. I like my outfits and my accessories (or a lack thereof). I’m not wearing clothes for you. I’m not putting on makeup for you. I am not on this Earth for you. When I realize this, when women realize this, we can make some pretty neat changes in this world and country.

This post.

I’m not sorry for this post. This is my website. I paid for it. I worked hard for it. And this whole post is based on my thoughts and opinions and, as I’ve mentioned, I am not sorry for those either.

Just know that the “you” in this post, is hypothetical. I am not attacking any one person. I am, however, going on a rant that I have lost track of.

But I digress.



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