RVA Snow, AKA The Snowpocalypse

I’m not sure if anyone has heard, but Richmond, Virginia is expecting a touch of snow this weekend.

Now, this is just a bit of beautiful, white, chilly stuff falling from the sky mellowly and quietly. So let’s not all freak out and rush your local grocery stores and buy all the milk and bread they own. There’s simply no need for that.

Why? Simply due to the fact that the power is most likely not going to be out, as it was not out last year when we had nearly TWO FEET of it!

In all seriousness, though, the people who act like this are probably also among the group of people who told me and my mother (who are from Hawaii, if I can remind you) that “Virginia doesn’t get much snow.”

Either that is true and we just brought the snow with us from HAWAII, or someone is seriously lying. Every single year we have been here (since 2008), there has been at least one snow storm that has caused schools and businesses to close for days at a time.

One of the people who is still trying to assure me that Virginia winters are mild is my boyfriend.

Dante (AKA “The Other Half” as I was able to obtain permission to use his name) grew up in Colorado. To him, even the snow on top of Mt. Everest is nothing. He describes tales of trudging his way to the bus stop in elementary school with snow up to his knees I can’t lie, it also brings images to my mind of Ralphie and his brother getting bundled up by their mother in A Christmas Story.

The difference, he informs me, between when it snows in Colorado and when it snows in Virginia is that in Colorado, people know what the hell to do when the white flecks of cold water attack. They know how to drive. They know that they do not need milk and bread. And they know that life simply goes on.

Now, perhaps I’m over-reacting a tiny bit, but so far, I have not had a good experience with winter storms in Richmond, Virginia.



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