Snow Day

When I was in school, I couldn’t wait  for a big snow to give me a break from the monotony of the school year. As an adult, the desire to be “snowed in” is definitely less than it used to be.

Work didn’t stop needing to be done just because the ground was blanketed in fluffy white stuff. Pizzas needed to be baked, coffee needed to be brewed, merchandise needed to be stocked. And in order to get there, I had to spend a lot of time and money to make sure my transportation was up to par. I had to white-knuckle the steering wheel, hoping the ice didn’t take my car away or that someone else didn’t bump into me.

Needless to say, I dreaded snow days early in my working life. When I worked for the pizza place, the coffee house, and the supermarket, they tried to stay open until we were all just about stuck inside – as if pizzas and coffee and making money was more important than the lives and safety of their employees. All the while, they were safely cozy in their own homes calling the shots.

But I worked hard, searched tirelessly, and eventually was invited to work for a company that knows the value of its employees. At first it was the most amazing thing to me. I was absolutely shocked to find that we were notified well in advance if we can expect inclement weather and closings.

Of course, that is something that can quickly be taken for granted. My boyfriend, for example, still works retail. Last year, he was forced to stay at work well after the snow piled up over his car. With his vehicle being rear-wheel drive, he almost got stuck on multiple occasions during the thirty-minute-turned-two-hour drive home.

As I said, it’s easy to forget how good I have it. The only thing keeping me grounded is occasional reminders that others don’t have the same set-up.

Luckily, we both got to stay home for the day. It’s a lazy, relaxing, wonderful day just enjoying Dante’s company. He plays his video games as I write and watch whatever I can find on Netflix or Hulu, always having to stay busy.

We are both safe and warm, and I hope everyone else is as well.




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