I’m Going to A Basketball Game

I’m not normally into sports. Something about running around chasing a ball and hitting other people seems juvenile to me. Something about the players earning thousands more dollars than our teachers, troops, and police officers makes me wonder what’s wrong with this county.

But let’s not go down that road quite yet.

I bring this up because since I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, I have been exposed to a lot more sports-related things as he is a major fan. I have had the pleasure of finding out just what football is all about, even watched the Super Bowl last year and understood it.

Dante’s favorite of all, however, is basketball. From video game versions of the game to notifications on his phone about the goings on of his teams, he made sure to stay updated despite our not having cable.

Consequently, I have stayed updated as well, even created a player on last year’s NBA 2K game. I had a personal stake in who was going to win the playoffs, and most likely will this year as well.

And now, I find myself spending $137.50 on tickets to see the Washington Wizards play Charlotte Hornets. We got seriously close seats to watch the action on April 4th. And the day cannot get here quickly enough.

Although we live in Virginia, and Washington as close as we have to a local NBA team, we are actually psyched to see the Hornets play. See, Dante is one of those types of fans who will follow the team local to where he is from. Technically he was born in North Carolina, even though he only lived there for a year max. This makes the Panthers and the Hornets his teams of choice.

I like them because he likes them. That, along with the fact that their colors are fairly swell and Ron Rivera looks a tiny buy like my dad (my dad not my father).

Because I love him, I want to make sure Dante gets to see his favorite team play in person at least once. And I can’t lie and say I’m not a little bit excited. I’m assuming it’ll be like when we attended a WWE pay per view event at the Richmond Colosseum. We got close seats then as well purely by luck as the seats we originally purchased were taken by cameras.

As I find the whole WWE thing to be pointless (if I had to choose, I would prefer UFC), there was something much…better about actually being there. Although the television could bore me to death, the energy of actually being there is completely different. The yelling, the fireworks, the smack-talk. I didn’t know who I was watching, let alone who I was rooting for, but I was definitely a part of the experience. Perhaps it was the crowd’s energy, all the true fans, lifting me up like a crowd surfer.

Either way, I am absolutely stoked to find out if this experience will be the same. For over $60 per ticket, it better.



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