Odd Things to Brag About

Here’s another Twitter hashtag that inspired me: Odd Things to Brag About

I would like to brag about my ambition. My competitiveness. If I am not the best, I am simply nothing.

This might have come from my childhood. Actually, it definitely came from my childhood, as most things do.

We were a family that played games. Monopoly, Sorry, Uno, Trouble, all that fun stuff. Now, sometimes parents let the children win because…well we are slower on the uptake, not paying as much attention. But now, my mother sent me straight to hell every time we played, not holding back. If she could bankrupt me, tell me Sorry, or go “out”, she would not hold back for a second.

In a way, it taught me that no one will hold back for me. In a race, no one was going to wait for me to catch up. At WORK, no one was going to even notice me crying for help as everyone else passed me by.

The whole “everyone gets a trophy” idea is setting kids up for failure. I remember when I started competitive speech in school, I was disappointed that they never mentioned a winner, everyone simply got ribbons.

Even worse, this whole concept may seep into the working world. Those who work the hardest, put forth the most effort, will receive the same compensation, the same benefits, the same rights as those who don’t give a single damn. I have seen it happen before, but I don’t get discouraged. I see it happen regularly, but I don’t stop working as hard as I can, getting involved in as much as I can, so I can propel myself up the waterspout.

Lord knows no one is going to carry me up there.




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