Writing Mythbuster #2

Here’s another writing myth I want to bust.

Some think that an author’s debut novel is their first novel.

I haven’t been published yet, sadly, but when I do it will most certainly NOT be my first novel. If you must know why, I will explain:

My first novel was Twilight inspired. It was about a teenage superhero who was adopted by a lawyer couple. Of all people, he chose the quiet, awkward goth girl to be his girlfriend. After all was said and done, and she was inevitably placed into danger by the superhero’s enemy, he decided to move on, leave her forever because she was too much of a distraction.

I can explain even further: I hate modern-day superhero movies. Too much joking around and distraction from their sole job of saving the world. I can touch more on that another time. But this was supposed to be my eff-you to the superhero industry. Finally a superhero who knows the importance of his job is on the scene. He has some fun with an earth girl and gets a reality check.

Now that I write it like that, I kind of want to go back to it…but I’m not sure. I let a friend “borrow” my 2-3 notebooks of handwritten work and she never gave it back, so it’d be a lot of work. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m sure that godawful piece of work is never going to make it into hardcover. I can’t promise anything after I die, after my family inevitably gets hold of all my old ideas and thoughts. But it’ll always be a fond memory tucked away in my mind.

Writing a novel takes a lot of practice. I highly doubt anyone’s first novel or their first idea will make it to be published (unless it was paid for by the author themselves). I’m sure there will be a handful of people who will defy those odds, which is fantastic for them. It’s simply a rarity.

Comment if you feel otherwise, but I think you’ll find, with a bit of research, that writing a novel takes a lot of time and effort. Even a brilliant idea will be edited and revised until it’s only a shadow of what it originally was.




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