Vacation: Expectation

Last week, I booked it. I booked reservations for Dante and my first vacation!

This will be a lot of firsts for us: first time leaving the state together, first road trip, first romantic getaway. By the time we go, I expect my left hand to be a little heavier (if you know what I mean).

I know what you are probably thinking: why do I know that?

Well, at the risk of offending some, I will let you know that we already live together. Bills are my responsibility, as it is for a lot of women, so I kind of had to know when he was going shopping for a ring. If I didn’t, I would have called him screaming about a few hundred dollars missing from our account. He didn’t want that, and I don’t blame him.

So that’s coming up. And that’s exciting in itself. And you will definitely hear about it whether you want to know about it or not.

We have chosen the White Doe Inn. And we will be going at the end of February. So instead of the weather being like the featured image, we will be more like:

cold beach.jpg

But that’s okay. Although it is considered the “Outer Banks” and is on a lovely little island right off the coast of North Carolina, we aren’t planning on spending too much time on the beach.

We are going for some alone time – time in which we absolutely nothing better to do with our time, no stresses. Just him, and me. And I can’t wait.

The bed and breakfast we chose will have just that: a nice bed (bigger than the one we have at home) and a four-course breakfast. This one is specifically made for romance – honeymoons and even weddings are held here. So they also have luxurious robes and complimentary refreshments at the end of the evening. Needless to say I will come back, but it will not be the easiest thing for me.

But we will be there for five nights, one of which is free to us, so we will need to find other things to do. Upon researching the area, I found all sorts of cool things to do. Nature hikes, which would be great for a late February trip, the North Carolina aquarium, as I love to look at fish, and even a ghost tour! The latter, I will have to do some persuasion to get Dante on board.

Maybe he will read this (because he’s always so supportive of me) and realize how badly I would love to go!!! That, and the mystery dinner seems like a lot of fun! Okay, I love you and have a great day!!

Anyway, I expect to be able to do all of these things. And I expect the room and the stay to be perfect, cozy, and clean! There will be an update after we get back, for sure.





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