About a Dream: Part 1

Last night, Dante surprised me with tickets to see Fifty Shades Darker. As this post is not intended to be a review of this movie, I will say that (as someone who has not read the book) this one was better than the last.

Perhaps this is why I had the dream. Spoiler alert, Anna and Christian get engaged…something I’m expecting to happen very soon.

Before you call me a control freak, I will beat you to it. I can be a bit controlling at times. But I do have a good reason. In this household, I take care of the bills. There will be hell to pay if there was suddenly hundreds of dollars missing from the account.

So he has warned me that the purchase of a certain ring is perhaps possible in the near future.

Like most women, I dream about the day I don a white dress and walk down the aisle with my closest friends and family as witnesses. And I am so lucky, at twenty-two, to have found a man who actually WANTS to tie this knot.

But this is the first time I have actually dreamed about it…like at night while I’m asleep.

And it was…far from magical.

I had no makeup on (kind of like every day), my dress was too long and dragging all over the ground, my mother wasn’t even there when we started, and the reception featured a lovely pot-luck buffet. Also, everyone started eating while we were still reciting our vows. That was around the time my mother showed up. I also didn’t read mine, as I was sobbing through the whole thing.

It was a big stinking mess.

After all of that was over with, I somehow ended up back at work. My desk chair kept rolling over the bottom of my wedding dress. So, of course, this whole thing is unrealistic.

But, even through all of these crazy things that no one could have predicted, we were still married. That was the most important thing.

That IS the most important thing.

Although we are not the richest people, still trying to find our sea-legs on this rocky boat called adulthood, we can push together some spare change and make this thing happen. I don’t need the biggest rock to weigh down my left hand, don’t need the frilliest designer dress, don’t need to get married on the beach or in some sort of overly expensive venue, don’t need to honeymoon in Hawaii (or honeymoon at all, for that  matter). Getting married to someone isn’t about all of those things…although they would be nice.

It’s just like waiting until you’re “ready” to have children. If you do that, you will be too old and it would be entirely too late. I choose to look at weddings in that light. If you love someone, and the timing is right in the relationship, you’re ready. Being in a spiritual and financial bond with someone doesn’t REQUIRE a million-dollar wedding.

At least, that’s how I see it. All of those costly things are purely traditional, and not required to be officially married to someone.




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