An Open Letter to the Racist Bastard at the Dollar Store on Sunday

Dear Idiot,

I know it’s difficult being so close to death. Getting older is never easy. Even I have trouble seeing the younger generation enjoy new technology and not have time or interest for the things I used to do. All that, and I’m just twenty-two!

So I could give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to you just having a bad day. It’s just that blatant bigotry is never acceptable and never should be tolerated…especially in a country founded on the basic principles freedom and human rights. So I cannot simply let you get away with it. With your mindset, maybe you should get out of this country.

But let me go back for a second. Your bitter old ass probably can’t remember what you even did a couple days ago, let alone the flavor of oatmeal you had for breakfast this morning. So I can definitely remind you of why you’re receiving this nasty letter:

When you had to wait for a couple moments in line behind a few ladies wearing hijab, you decided to make a comment wondering if they had the money to pay for what they had or not. You were so impatient you suggested that they leave the store if they don’t have the money. (Little did you know, sir, that they were simply getting their coupon situation set…you know, kind of like how your wife enjoys holding up a Walmart check-out line for literal hours and calling it extreme.)

Thankfully, the employees weren’t having it. They invited you to another check-out line, which you thankfully accepted – but not after bragging about all the money you think you have. What is it with old white people doing that? Do you think we care? We just want you to buy your stuff and leave. That’s the type of attitude that will cause a minimum wage employee, who you trust enough to handle and serve your food, to do unspeakable things to the stuff you put in your big fat mouth. That’s the type of attitude that will cause your waiter to take your card and jot down the number before bringing it back to you (and then you can wonder why you are always a victim of fraud).

Pay attention.

Anyway, that wasn’t enough. You had to say awful curses under your stinky breath about these women who were only trying to use their coupons and leave the store. And then, as if completely forgetting how much of a hurry you were in, you waited at the door before leaving so you could say one more thing: “Donald Trump gives me the right to say these things” (or something along those lines…).

Fortunately for you, I no longer work at that store. I had to hear about this from someone who currently does and is a lot less hot-headed than me. Had I been there, I would have refused to serve you. I would have shut down my register so you couldn’t buy your precious chocolate bar or whatever insignificant little thing you felt the need to buy on my shift.

No booboo.

This mixed-race, bisexual female would have shut your shit down. I happen to be a part of every single group you’re trying to single out and oppress and I’m just not having it. I start every one of my days with a short fuse for idiots like you. Because every day I have to hear of another way my community is getting beaten down. All of this because someone else, who is not directly effected by these decisions, doesn’t like it?

Let me take you back to Sunday School, Mister. It was your God who suggested that you treat others the way you want to be treated.


There’s your proof. And that was only some of the list.

Even if you’re not religious (as it’s not polite to assume things about others, right?) I would like to ask you a few questions:

How would you like it if someone treated you differently (or hurt you physically) because of the color of your skin?

How would you feel if someone discriminated against you because of the religion you practice (or a lack thereof)?

What if I said you couldn’t marry the person you loved? Why? Because I don’t like that. It’s weird. It’s gross.

Did you enjoy my judging you and saying rude things to you because of your age?


Then try (and I know it’s difficult for you) to be a decent person and don’t subject others to these types of barriers and discrimination

It’s people like you who give this country a horrible name. It’s while you’re too busy attacking the people in this country that people from other countries will start to attack us. What is that saying? United we stand? Divided we fall? Something along those lines? Yeah, well you’re the divider. You’re running this country straight into the ground. And the sooner this generation of hate and stupidity dies off, the better.




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