What’s Up?


Thank you to anyone who is following me. And thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus.

I have been throwing myself into work and have been doing very little reading, let alone writing. But I have joined a new writing group to get my gears turning! Yesterday, on my day off (my first one in quite a while), I opened a Word document and letters turned into words and words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into a full blown chapter!

And when I got to work today, I continued to be inspired and jotted down notes in between calls. Needless to say, I am proud.

That inspiration has motivated me to actually pick my blog back up. Somehow, having spent some money to get my own domain name didn’t do the trick and I completely fell out of it. I even had to reset my password when I tried to log in today, having forgotten my credentials.

I can make excuses all day: I have taken on some great development opportunities at work. I have been tired. I started driving for Uber (it’s true, I did!). But none of that matters. There should be no excuses when it comes to following your dreams.

When I’m at work, I say that my ideal job is a trainer (because I love teaching) or a front line manager. That’s partially true. If I don’t become the next best selling author, that would be an all right place to be in my life. I would be making decent money and it would be a role I can fill for a long time.

As you all know, my true dream is to become a famous fiction novelist.

I just had to re-learn that fact recently. Because sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes things get a little heavy and it’s easy to spend time on guilty pleasures and cast aside the less-easy things.

And running this blog is not easy. I have come up with many great topics and ideas for posts, but actually sitting down and getting it all down on paper is a different story entirely. I used to wake up early every morning and check the trends to see if I can jump on a bandwagon somewhere and possibly “go viral”.

Actually writing this novel is hard work as well. First, the inspiration has to hit. I can definitely force myself to sit and write without being inspired, but that wouldn’t yield my best work. Secondly, I have to push through even with that silent voice in my head telling me it’s not good enough. I’m not good enough. Start over. Delete it.

Delete it!


This is just one of those phases, though. I go from months of silence, to weeks of writing like crazy. I will probably find myself back into the silent phase soon. But while I’m inspired, I will squeeze every single word I can out of it.


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