I would like to start off by saying that I love living in America. When compared to other countries, we live a fairly cushy lifestyle. That goes without saying.

But no one person or thing is perfect. We preach it to each other as individuals, but it’s time we realize this fact as a nation.

There are certain flaws that we need to address. The main thing I’d like to discuss (or rant about, perhaps, is a better way of putting it) is our hypocrisy. At this point, the only thing that would make this fact more obvious is if Jesus himself came down to Earth and wrote it down in someone’s Bible.

For a free country, there are an awful lot of laws and rules and discrimination against people who choose to do things a little differently.

I am not naive. I know that these laws and regulations are in place to protect us. Thankfully, this country frowns upon murdering others and taking things that don’t belong to you – regardless of how badly you want to do these things. The whole “It’s a free country” argument falls short here, but with a good reason. (If I have to explain why, you should move…anywhere else. Just get out of this country, please.)

It also falls short when it comes to marriage and gender. As we all know, people identify with a variety of different genders and sexualities. Some people want to marry who they want and use the bathroom they choose (because what’s so dangerous about a public restroom with stalls…seriously, I share a bathroom in my own home with a man and I don’t catch any cooties) and they would like to be free from discrimination because they choose to live their lives this way.

Let me reiterate. No one is asking for special treatment. No one is asking for favors or extra benefitsĀ becauseĀ of this lifestyle choice. Also, (because it seems that this needs to be constantly repeated for some terrible, unknown reason) no one is telling everyone in the country to live the way they do. These people want to have rights. They want to be as free as everyone else.

We want equality.

This month, we show our pride.

I had the pleasure of doing so at Capital Pride yesterday. The company I work for is very supportive and even had a float in it. A few of my co-workers, my supportive significant other, and myself took the two-hour trip up to Washington DC in time to meet our group so we can march in the parade and throw out colorful beads. We hadn’t accounted for the hour-long metro ride to get into the busy city, as lots of its streets had been blocked off for the demonstration, and the slow trek through the throngs of people packed on the sidewalks.

Needless to say, we had arrived entirely too late to make it into the parade itself. But we were there and we caught lots of beads, showed lots of pride, and took a decent amount of pictures.

pride 2

That’s the important thing. We showed up and we got to celebrate individuality and love and equality.

Maybe one day we can achieve full equality, free from all discrimination, for every single individual in the United States. Until then, I will continue to support and will continue to show my pride for everything I am and everything I can be.


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