College Bound: An Update

The thing we have to remember and understand is that our side of the scale only accepts voices that weigh as much as tin foil, and the other side accepts opinions that weigh as much as gold.

Odd Things to Brag About

I would like to brag about my ambition. My competitiveness. If I am not the best, I am simply nothing.

Worst Job Ever Pt. 1

I am slowly gaining back faith in the human race. Where it went, you wonder? I lost every ounce of respect for other people when I worked at my worst job ever.

My Real Graduation

When I heard that my dad would be coming to my graduation, I was honestly shocked.

My Biggest Disappointment

When someone says “This is my favorite song!” you can expect to hear that same sentence from them a couple more times down the line. That is the same way you should take this entry, as there may be another biggest disappointment later in my life. When I think of this now, however, there is…

Why MLK Day Sucks

Please don’t get me wrong, Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my idols. I know I’m not the only one who sees him in this light, but I may have a different reason.

An Actual SERIES of Unfortunate Events

Not to brag, but as a child I was lucky enough to have the whole Series of Unfortunate Events book set in hard cover. Those page-turners taught me tons of new words and concepts and overall matured my reading level. So I am and have always been a major fan.


I bring up this graduation party because something was said that stuck with me.